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Ida Byrd-Hill

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Ida Byrd-Hill is a futurist, an urban economist, Leadership Detroit XX graduate and CEO of Automation Workz (formally Automation Workz Institute)Automation Workz is an assessment and reskilling firm assisting corporate leaders achieve success by preparing front-liners to migrate into technology training – network engineering, cybersecurity, software programming, data analytics and diversity economic/market strategy. 

Ida has 30+ years of business experience in HR, Executive Search, Finance, Technology and Wealth Management known for her startup sales expertise in African American markets. She grew her wealth management firm from 0 to 620 million AUM with a 40 million annual mortgage portfolio. She placed 72 diverse executives in technical legal specialties.

Ida Byrd-Hill is a graduate of University of Michigan – Ann Arbor with a BA Economics and Jack Welch Management Institute at Strayer University with an MBA specializing in People Management/Strategy. She is author of 8 books, including Invisible Talent Market-Solving the Talent Shortage Without Outsourcing and Visas. Ida Leadership Detroit XX Graduate.

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