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Fabian Koark

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Fabian J.U. Koark

Chief Operating Officer / EVP

SAE Industry Technologies Consortia (SAE ITC)



As Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President, Fabian Koark leads SAE Industry Technology Consortia, the consortia entity of the Society of Automotive Engineers. I this role Fabian leads the effort to identify and mitigate the primary and secondary issues of mobility worldwide. Visit SAE ITC (sae-itc.com) to find out more.

Prior to his current position, Fabian Koark managed CARIAD’s Center of Expertise for software development. In this position, Fabian developed the SW competence in his organization to achieve engineering excellence for automotive software. All members of this center develop automotive software features for charging and energy management for multiple Volkswagen brands.

Before Fabian joined CARIAD SE he was CEO of INVENSITY Inc. in Detroit, Michigan. As consultant, Fabian executed over 75 engineering and engineering management projects for clients like Daimler, BMW, SAIC, ZF, Bosch, Continental, Lear, AAM and Dräxlmaier – in Germany, USA and China. He shared his expertise as SAE referent, host and author of multiple publications.

Fabian started his professional career after graduating from TU Darmstadt/Germany & UCSB/USA with a Master in Science. In 2011, he established the Center of Excellence for Organizational Change. After spending time in Shanghai/China to start INVENSITY’s operation in Asia in 2014, he prepared the further expansion in North America.

As volunteer Fabian supports the non-profit GAMIC (Global Automotive and Mobility Innovation Challenge) as start-up supporter, coach and judge. To support the development of the City of Detroit, Fabian acts as founding Member of Corktown Historic Development and Beaubien Property Acquisitions. On the board of the German-American Business Counsil of Michigan, Fabian supports the cultivation of the German-American business and culture exchange.

Feel free to contact Fabian anytime: https://www.linkedin.com/in/fabian-koark-15382249/

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